Man ate 20,000 calorie burger in record time – guess how long it took

<p>Matt Stonie with the giant burger</p>

Matt Stonie with the giant burger

Matt Stonie/ YouTube

Anyone feeling hungry?

A video of a man eating a whopping 20,000-calorie burger in a record time has gone viral and it’s truly a sight to behold.

Matt Stonie, who is a famous competitive eater - because that’s a thing - went to the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas to take on the Octuple Bypass challenge. The burger contains 8.5 patties, 16 slices of cheese, a whole onion, two tomatoes, chilli and not one, not two, but 40 rashers of bacon - and a bun, of course. It reportedly weighs almost 6.5lbs and Stonie managed to put it away in just over four minutes.

In the video, Stonie disassembles the tottering tower into three piles and stretches before tucking in. He then shoves piles of the burger into his mouth between sips of water, because it’s important to stay hydrated.

At points in the video he appears to heave and splutter slightly, probably because he is shoving 20,000 calories worth of munch in his gob in one go. At one point he says to the camera: “It’s hot.”

At four minutes in, he only has scraps of food left which he scrapes up with his hands and piles into his mouth as water dribbles out.

At the four minute and 10 seconds mark, the judge says he has finished the challenge. Stonie sits back breathless but appearing delighted, and just like that he wins glory and probably some unpleasant digestive problems.

The Heart Attack grill and its challenges are pretty infamous. In 2013, John Alleman, an unofficial spokesman for the Las Vegas restaurant, died after suffering an apparent heart attack near the diner.

One of its biggest burgers, the Quadruple Burger, has earned a Guinness World Record for being the world’s “most calorific burger,” clocking in at a record 3 pounds and nearly 10,000 calories.

The grill’s sign also advertises that anyone over 350 pounds eats free at the diner.

The previous record for the challenge in question was 7 minutes 42 seconds and was set by Miki Sudo, another competitive eater who is also an employee at the grill.

Whether she comes back to defend her previous title remains to be seen.

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