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An “international” edition of Charlie Hebdo is set to be published on Wednesday and will be ostentatiously blasphemous and ungrateful – biting back at extremist Islam but also at many of its new-found friends.

The magazine, appearing for the first time since the terrorist massacre last week, will lampoon radical Islam and publish new cartoons of the Prophet Mohamed.

It will also mock many of the politicians – in France, and around the world – who have championed the stricken magazine as a symbol of democracy and freedom.

In other words, the grieving Charlie Hebdo will remain as scurrilous, anti-religious, anarcho-leftist and offensive as ever – a perpetual student magazine, produced by people much too old to be students. It will refuse to be turned into the sanctified “Charlie” of the “Je suis Charlie” campaign that has encircled the globe in the past six days.

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