How to get 49 days annual leave from work in 2024

How to get 49 days annual leave from work in 2024

The new year is upon us, people are back to work and, inevitably, people are already thinking about taking a break.

Annual leave is such a precious thing and it’s only natural that workers across the country are trying to find more inventive ways to get the absolute most of their time off.

Of course, there are nearly always specific days and events that people need to save annual leave for, but there is a way of turning 25 annual leave days into a whopping 49 days off work by strategically block booking time off throughout the year.

It’s mostly about utilising time off around bank holidays. There are eight holiday days for people in England and Wales to enjoy in 2024.

While things are slightly different in Northern Ireland and Scotland, these are the best days to book off if workers in England and Wales want to maximise time off in 2024.

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March 29-April 7

March 29 and April 1 are bank holidays, so book off four days from April 2-5 to turn four days of annual leave into 10 successive days off work.

May 4-12

The biggest chunk of time off comes in May. There are two bank holidays during the month, starting with May 6. Book off four days of annual leave between May 7-10 to get 9 days out of office.

May 25-June 2

The second bank holiday in May comes on May 27. Book four days off between May 28 and 31 to get another nine successive days off.

August 24-September 1

Four days booked off between August 27 and August 30 coincide with the bank holiday on August 26 to give eight successive days off.

December 21-December 31

Ensure a peaceful Christmas by booking off from December 21-December 31, which ensures 11 days off for just five annual leave days.

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