Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is back in the news this week after she said immigrants to the United States should "speak American".

Coming from a woman who once likened herself to William Shakespeare, following the coining of the totally made up word "refudiate", we should probably take her word as gospel, right?

That, and all these fabulous instances when her grasp of the English, sorry, American language was spot on...

That time she inferred liberals wanted to send all fast food workers to purgatory "so they all go vegan"

That time she said: "I mean here there’s Donald Trump is there; little hockey wife from Wasilla, hockey mom is there; Mr. Murdoch, you know, Fox guy." (Skip to 04:05)

That other time she said something about "that the man can only ride ya when your back is bent".

When she can't name any of the founding fathers of the United States...

All these times... especially about Putin "rearing his head in Alaska".

Perhaps, one day she'll stop talking, eh?

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