Outrage as 50 Cent urges fans to vote for Trump even though he 'doesn't like Black people'

Outrage as 50 Cent urges fans to vote for Trump even though he 'doesn't like Black people'

50 Cent has caused outrage by appearing to endorse president Donald Trump, despite acknowledging “Trump doesn’t like Black people”.

The rapper – whose real name is Curtis James Jackson – went on Instagram on Monday to condemn presidential nominee Joe Biden’s tax rate plan, which raises taxes for corporations and those who make $400,000 or more per year.

“WHAT THE F***!” he wrote next to an image of the CNBC program "Power Lunch". “(VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT, F*** NEW YORK,” adding “The KNICKS never win anyway.”

“I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people,” he said, “62% are you out of ya f***ing mind.”

The image from CNBC, widely believed to be misleading, suggests that high earners will be taxed 62 per cent of their earnings.

“He's literally endorsing a white supremacist because of taxes...all of that talk about supporting our own communities, businesses, and equity -- out the window,” Ernest Owens tweeted.

Many others echoed this, calling the endorsement ‘foolish’, 'greedy', 'despicable' 'selling out the Black community' and ‘placating the powerful’:

“Selling out the Black community & supporting a racist authoritarian weeks before he loses is foolish, but thanks for exposing yourselves,” another person wrote.

50 Cent's endorsement of Trump, despite his belief that the president "doesn't like black people", is of course at odds with the president's repeated claim that he has "done more for" Black people than any president except for Abraham Lincoln.

Beyond the rapper's apparent disregard for Trump’s racist tendencies, the irony of his endorsement of Trump related to taxes was not lost on anyone.

“Funny because for many years Trump paid less that 50 Cent in federal income taxes,” George Takei wrote.

Despite the intense backlash, some people seemed happy with his choice. Conservative Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren commented on the photo, “Welcome to the Trump Train! Amen!!!!” to the tune of 47 thousands likes.

Minutes after his post, the hip hop star posted again with the caption, “I just remembered i’m bankrupt, so i’m looking for a gracious loan can anyone help a brother out. LOL.”

The rapper hasn’t always backed Trump, as he tweeted in September 2016, “Let us pray, lord please don’t let Trump into office. We will spin out of control.”

He also told James Corden on his late-night show last year that he turned down Trump's $500,000 offer to come to his 2017 inauguration: "All money's not good money,” he said at the time.

Despite all of this, Black voters have remained generally not in favour of Trump with polls showing they overwhelmingly support Biden in the 2020 election.

Even so, people were not willing to stand for this kind of endorsement even if they had been fans of the rapper in the past: "Been a huge fan since 03 but nah that’s it,” Drew Comments tweeted.

“People’s lives are at stake”.

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