Picture: YouTube/screengrab
Picture: YouTube/screengrab

Navigating social interactions can be a harrowing process filled with proverbial landmines.

Are you being too quiet? Too loud?

Being a “conversational narcissist” as Psych Central calls it – is the singularly annoying tendency to hijack a conversation with talk about you and only you.

It’s one thing to take it in turns to talk about yourselves, but when you dominate the conversation with talk of your house and your work and your 10k run and your pet rabbit... it gets exhausting for the listener.

It's also a bit rude.

indy100 collected some words that you should probably stay away from, unless you want to sound like you think you're above someone.

Obviously context is important, but you can probably avoid saying (and writing in an email) these words:

1. Actually

2. Sorry

3. Me

4. Fine

5. Need

6. No

7. You

An infographic by The Muse explained that using 'me’ makes you seem self-absorbed or selfish. ‘Actually’ in conversation comes across as condescending, and saying ‘sorry’, especially if frequently, makes it sound flippant or dismissive.

Using 'fine' in the context of a disagreement makes you seem arrogant, and the use of 'need' makes you sound demanding, and when you correct someone, saying 'no' makes you sound bad-mannered - you can always rephrase if you need to answer with a negative.

Finally, using 'you' excessively makes it seem like the person you're addressing has done something wrong.

If we really boil it down - if you think you're being rude, you probably are.

And that means you.

HT cnet and The Muse

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