9 things men say when women aren't around

There are an awful lot of stereotypes when it comes to gender.

Little quirks and assumptions we simply can't shake. Whether it's the belief that men never ask for directions, women take ages getting ready, or that there are boy jobs and girl jobs on Downing Street - many of us are guilty of jumping to conclusions.

But what if the veil of gender based secrecy is lifted? Thanks to the anonymity of the internet and throwaway accounts, now more than ever people can speak their mind and share what really happens behind closed doors.

So, here are a few things guys say when the female of the species isn't around - according to the good folks over on reddit anyway.

It's all a front

And... Sometimes not so much.

Surgically putting a booty on a dog. Seriously.

If we're being honest, probably mostly this.

The filter is removed.

Putting giraffes in places... For some reason.

Sex. But probably not in the way you would expect.

Sometimes we talk about everything but the important stuff.

And finally, everything.

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