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Stock image via ANOEK DE GROOT/AFP/Getty Images

French Muslims are having fun on Twitter at the expense of a politician who has given his two cents in the ongoing 'burkini' debate.

Ex-defence minister and presidential candidate Jean-Pierre Chevènement said during a speech to the Foundation for Islam in Paris on Monday that Muslims should be able to "practice their religion freely", but he advised "discretion" in public spaces "at this difficult time".

Islamophobic attitudes in France have hardened in the wake of several terrorist attacks in the last two years.

Muslims, like all French citizens, should be able to worship freely but they must also understand that in the public space, where there is public interest, all citizens should make the effort to use ‘natural reason'.

The idea of being a 'discreet Muslim' has caught on - but probably not in the way Chevènement intended.

Francophone Twitter is currently having a whale of a time conjuring up what a 'discreet Muslim, or 'Musulman Discret', is supposed to look like:

A trick for being a discreet Muslim

When Chevènement says you have to be a discreet Muslim...

The jokes. They just keep on coming.

Don't say 'I'm veiled', say 'I have a very cold head'

Don't say 'I'm doing Ramadan', say 'I'm doing therapeutic fasting'

Don't say 'I don't eat pork', say 'I had a pig as a pet growing up and I love them too much to eat it'

And lots of people are pointing out why it's unfair to tell French Muslims to keep to themselves.

The logic of our society...

Here, you can be anything with your beard or veil. Besides, you can be the minister of defence with your turban.

How bizarre! We never ask Muslims who buy gifts to be discreet!

Bravo, French Twitter. Bravo.

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