Benedict Cumberbatch performing a perfect example of the "photobomb"
Benedict Cumberbatch performing a perfect example of the "photobomb"

The Chambers Dictionary Word of the Year has been announced. “Overshare”, meaning “to be unacceptably forthcoming with information about one’s personal life”, was selected from a shortlist compiled by the Chambers Editorial Board.

These were the other contenders:

Zero hours

A contract that requires a worker to be available at certain times but does not oblige the employer to offer him or her work.


A hashtag used for critical or abusive comments.

Digital native

A person who has learnt to use computers as a child.


Someone born between 1980 and 1990 who looks down on their middle-class culture and self-consciously adopts a Bohemian lifestyle.


To place oneself in the background of a photograph deliberately and without the knowledge of the photographer or subject.


Acronym for the phrase “you only live once”.

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