A man is trying to crowdfund €1.6bn to bail out Greece and wants your help

With Greece's government and its European creditors hitting loggerheads over the impending deadline for its debt repayments, one 29-year-old from Yorkshire has come up with a novel solution.

Thom Feeney, who says he is fed up of "dithering" politicians, has set up a crowdfunding page on IndieGoGo where he hopes to raise €1.6bn (£1.14bn) to help bail out the country.

His reasoning: there are 503 million people in the EU. We would only need to chip in about €3 each (the same price as a feta and olive salad) to raise the money.

"My opinion is that we need to invest for something to grow, whether that be a person, a company or a nation like Greece," Feeney explained to i100.co.uk.

There seems to have been an effort by many media outlets to tell us that cutting, depriving, austerity is necessary for growth and that doens't really tally with me.

  • Thom Feeney, speaking to i100.co.uk
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