A man just proposed to his girlfriend on Jeremy Kyle and it was so, so painful to watch

Here at indy100 we just watched a clip from Thursday's The Jeremy Kyle Show that literally made us do this:

It's a ghastly on-air proposal which goes from bad, to worse, to please God make it stop.

In a segment called 'Is my fiancé having sex with other women at the fun fair?' a couple who clearly have a few communication problems that aren't getting solved on TV are on stage with Beelze - sorry, Kyle - himself.

The man, Jordan, is adamant that he's not having sex with other women at the fun fair.

So adamant that not only has he taken the show's lie detector test - he's got a ring in his pocket and he's planning on using it when he's been ~proven faithful~ to his beloved Amie.

(At this point we wondered why the caption reads 'fiancé' already. But this is the world of daytime TV, and that's about to become the least of our problems.)

Jordan is clean - but Amie, who's gotten a bit emosh at it all, covers her face with the 'not guilty' card and runs backstage. Eye contact is not something she wants to make right now.

The only way this proposal could be more awkward is if you shoved some shiny grinning grief-monger into the proceedings to say things like:

She's fascinatingly awful isn't she?

Oh. Wait.

Cringe your way through the least romantic proposal ever below. Every time you think it can't possibly get worse, we promise it does:

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