A map of all the countries that think Brexit is a good idea

A map of all the countries that think Brexit is a good idea

One of the biggest worries for EU member states ahead of the UK's referendum on membership was the possibility of an out vote amping up interest in potential EU-exits elsewhere.

Six weeks on, though, and a new international Ipsos survey shows that referenda are far from most people's minds.

Brexit has made people more worried about the future than it has made them hopeful: 46 per cent of people from the UK said they were concerned about what the vote will mean, compared to just 15 per cent who said they were less worried as a result.

53 per cent of people in the EU and 52 per cent of people elsewhere think the leave vote will have a negative impact on the EU's economy.

Supporters at a far right Austrian Freedom Party (FPOe) rally on September 27, 2013 (DIETER NAGL/AFP/Getty Images)

July polls from Denmark and Austria, two countries that were thought to be likely to hold their own referendums, showed a sharp decline in appetite for a vote following the political and economic chaos that engulfed the UK.

58 per cent of people from European countries think Brexit was the wrong decision for the EU as a whole, and 50 per cent think it was wrong for their own country's interests.

In Poland, 58 per cent of people think Brexit will negatively affect their home country, followed by 55 per cent of the Spanish and 55 per cent of Swedes.

Outside the EU, there was less concern.

54 per cent of people in Russia think that Brexit was a good idea - even more than in the UK itself, where 38 per cent said they still think the leave vote was the right decision.

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