A new dinosaur has been discovered and it's really, really big

Jonathan Owen
Friday 05 September 2014 16:30

A new “super-massive” species of dinosaur has been discovered in Argentina and named after the dreadnought class of battleships because of its intimidating size.

With a 37ft (11.2m) neck and weighing 65 tons – the equivalent of seven Tyrannosaurus Rex – the 85ft-long Dreadnoughtus Schrani was one of the largest creatures ever to walk the Earth.

It is the biggest land animal for which a body mass can be accurately calculated, say scientists.

Dr Kenneth Lacovara from Drexel University who discovered the skeleton and led the excavation and analysis (Picture: PA)

The findings, revealed in the journal Scientific Reports, are the result of years of work by a team of researchers from the US and Argentina.

It took five years to excavate the remains of the massive animal, which were found in southern Patagonia, during trips made between 2005 and 2009.

Researchers were able to make an accurate calculation of its size after finding the most complete skeleton to date of the giant dinosaur, with 70 per cent of its bones represented.

They included the femur and humerus, measurements of which are used to help calculate weight.

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