A pro-Trump Republican congressman once got into a fight with a tree

Charlie Duffield
Monday 08 March 2021 16:37

A video of Pro-Trump Republican congressman Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) punching a tree, has gone viral, with many trying to understand why this GOP “rising star” would do such a thing.

Although, he is prone to unusual behaviour; recently he went on Twitter to question the Vatican’s ability to self-govern and had staff members deny that a Pinterest account featuring pins of women, antebellum mansions, and German family crests was his.

On Sunday morning the video was watched more than three million times, as Jack Cocchiarella shared it on Twitter, noting, “Looks like Madison Cawthorn didn’t read The Lorax.”

The 19-second video shows Cawthorn sitting in his wheelchair in the woods, punching a tree repeatedly.

He uses his fists to punch away pieces of wood, with more than one person noting the wood seems to be rotten, making it an easier task than it might otherwise appear.

David Dorfman said: “That wood is as rotten as his soul and the soul of the @GOP. One could chop that tree down with a wet sock.”

He added: “This is a yawner from @CawthornforNC,” tagging the congressman so that he might see it.

Another Twitter user noted that Cawthorn actually fails to connect with the tree at points, as he actually “misses 3 or 4 consecutive times in connecting with an inanimate object.”

Jared Pushner, who originally shared the video on Friday afternoon, asked simply, “Why is Madison Cawthorn beating up this tree?”

Musician Jason Isbell interjected with: “Because it can’t hit back.”

Someone else noted it was a “great metaphor for Republicans”, adding: “Find the weakest thing you can, in this case, a skinny dead tree, and then relentlessly beat it to show how tough you are.”

Mary L Trump said: “First of all, what did the tree do to him? Second, I’m surprised he hasn’t broken his wrists.”

In his Twitter bio, Pusher added that he specialised in “Leaked Photos, Videos, Memes, Stats & More” and “Exposing The Hypocrisy of the Right.”

According to him, this video from a now-deleted Instagram post in 2018 to document a trip to Europe.

However, one person showed by posting a video of a woman punching an intact tree, that tree punching can be done much better.

The tweet says: “This is the way it’s done actually. You don’t pick a rotten and ruined tree. You hit something without moss and without termites tunnel. This girl is way more impressive.”

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