Pictures have emerged of a soldier at the Remembrance Day services in London covered in a bright yellow, slightly viscous liquid.

While the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Mirror (which at time of writing has the story at the top of its homepage) all claimed the substance to be vomit, it's not 100 per cent clear.

Initial images that came through from a photo agency claimed that the soldier behind had become ill and, presumably because he was trying to stand to attention, vomited all over his colleague.

But the Getty photo agency claimed the substance was actually "bird excrement". It must have been one hell of a bird...

A third theory flying around the office was that the substance could have been emitted from a nearby horse with an upset stomach...

Either way, the soldier in question has been praised for his steadfastness - reports suggest he didn't flinch and remained covered in vomit/animal excrement for the entirety of the service.

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