Tory MP Philip Davies said he was sick of feminists wanting to have their cake and eat it. Big mistake

A Conservative MP has come under fire for comments he made at a conference hosted by an anti-feminism party.

Philip Davies, an advocate of International Men's Day, told attendees during a 45-minute speech at the International Conference on Men’s Issues (organised by the Justice for Men and Boys party) that the feminism debate had become "skewed" and that women only call for equality when it suits them.

They fight for their version of equality on all the things that suit women – but are very quick to point out that women need special protections and treatment on other things.

A video of the speech was leaked to the Guardian:

He went on to say that the problem was being exacerbated by "militant feminists" and "politically correct males" who, he claimed, "pander to this politically correct nonsense".

While he immediately faced a backlash, with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron calling him "truly ignorant", it was one comment in particular that piqued the interest of people on social media:

In this day and age the feminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it.

In response to Davies' remarks, feminists started finding their cake and eating it -and then sending him the evidence:

The hashtags #feministzealot and #lethemeatcake started being shared:

His mentions were soon being filled with cake

Someone offered up this

A Facebook page has even been set up

Memes are being shared

Lots of memes

Alice Stride, who was one of the first to start tweeting at Davies, told indy100 simply:

His comments do not belong in 2016.

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