From left: Paul Nuttall
From left: Paul Nuttall

Nigel Farage’s leadership of Ukip was in crisis on Thursday after the party was convulsed by demands for his resignation and recriminations over its general election campaign.

The civil war was triggered when Patrick O’Flynn, the party’s election campaign manager, protested that Mr Farage had become a “snarling, thin-skinned, aggressive man” who was making Ukip look like a “personality cult”.

Farage loyalists issued declarations of support, but critics have queued to call for his departure, arguing for a less confrontational leader.

Mr Farage resigned as leader last Friday following his failure to win a Commons seat, but three days later the party’s ruling body said it had refused to accept his resignation because of overwhelming support among Ukip members.

There is now growing backing for Douglas Carswell, Ukip’s only MP, to succeed him following the party’s failure to achieve a breakthrough at Westminster.

On Thursday evening reports came out that two of Nigel Farage's most senior aides - Matthew Richardson and Raheem Kassam had left their posts. Similarly, reports on Friday morning suggested the party's head of communications, Paul 'Gobby' Lambert, had also left.

Asked if he had lost the confidence of his party, the leader said: “Big time.” Mr Farage later texted the i paper to say he was still party leader and “by a bigger margin than ever before”.

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