A woman was told she'd have to pay £500 to cancel her dead mother's EE phone contract

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Tuesday 25 August 2015 13:00

Jemma Page from Nottingham had to deal with the loss of her mother last week, who died at just 45 years of age.

And as if the grief of losing a loved one wasn't enough to deal with, Jemma, a reporter at the Nottingham Post, was shocked when phone company EE told her that in order to cancel her mother's mobile phone contract she would need to pay £500.

People were so appalled at EE's apparent lack of compassion the post was very widely shared, and some people tweeted similar stories of their own:

EE took notice, clarifying that Jemma had been charged in error, and said it was working to resolve the situation.

i100.co.uk has reached out to Jemma for comment. In the meantime, she has tweeted her mum in remembrance:

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