Abandoned mansion discovered on old scientific farm

Abandoned mansion discovered on old scientific farm
Abandoned mansion discovered on old scientific farm
Jam Press

An urban explorer has discovered an abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere on a site that is alleged to have been used as a scientific farm for testing animal products.

Originally built in the 1920s, the 9,000 sq ft colonial revival mansion and surrounding lands are now allegedly valued at £361m (CAD $600m).

Dave, known as Freaktography on social media, shared the site on YouTube, where he quickly gained over 4,300 views from curious followers.

Lying abandoned for nearly 65 years, the home is in pristine condition, despite being left to decay.

“It’s a big gorgeous, very old abandoned mansion,” Dave, from Ontario, told

“This place was massive, there were so many rooms.

“It was beautiful, I’ve never seen so many beautiful bathrooms.

“There were so many windows, so the natural light was amazing.

“There were a bunch of cool rooms in the attic with little storage doors and deep windows.”

Jam Press/Freaktography

Exploring the ground floor of the property, located in Ontario, Canada, he discovered a large entrance hall, terrace, pergola and sun parlour along with extensive kitchens.

A stunning vintage fridge/freezer hides inside a wooden cabinet labelled L Barth and Son, with similar units selling for over £20,000.

The main living room, covered in natural light, contained nothing but an old portrait sitting above the fireplace of a man in a suit.

Ten bedrooms cover the entire second floor, with further lodgings on the third, with several rooms coming off the attic.

Used originally as a scientific farm, Dave claims they bred and tested chickens to create more tender meat, as well as testing cows to create a unique-tasting milk.

In the 1950s, the farm began to decline causing the owner’s son to sell the farm to investors.

Jam Press/Freaktography

Finally, in 2020 local residents and business owners allegedly purchased the land for £2.4m (CAD $4m), with rumours now circling that local developers are looking to snap it up for £361m (CAD $600m).

Dave said: “As of 2023, absolutely nothing has been done anywhere on this site.

“At one point it would appear that some renovations and restoration work may have been done on this mansion, but that all seems to have stopped.

“A large dumpster out front of the mansion is full of trash and possibly contents from the interior, but from what I could see inside – it seems that little has been done to maintain or preserve this large historic and abandoned mansion.”

He shared a detailed walkaround on YouTube where people flocked to the comments to share hopes of future restoration.

One viewer commented: “That is a top 5 mansion that I have seen on YouTube. I absolutely love the architecture and layout in that old mansion. Somebody better refurb that beautiful home. Great job filming as usual. Those windows that pop open at the top are awesome!”

Jam Press/Freaktography

Charlie added: “How annoying that they just let this beautiful home alone?! Hopefully, it can get rebuild or something. Thanks for showing us.” [sic]

“Absolutely gorgeous! I love this mansion so much! The lighting is amazing! I wish I could buy it and restore it to it's former glory. I bet it was so beautiful long ago,” said Gwen. [sic]

Mary wrote: “What a cool house. Huge! I hope this home can be saved. I love the bathrooms Too! The windows are cool. That stairway is awesome.”

Another person commented “What a beauty, I'd never want to leave. Great find and video. Thank You, Be Safe” [sic]

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