23 times right-wingers supported very left-wing ideas without even realising

James Besanvalle
Friday 31 July 2020 13:45
Image:(Willowpix / iStock)

Is there anything more satisfying in this world than a right-wing argument accidentally making a very good point in favour of left-wing ideologies?

(No – the answer to that is no.)

A new Twitter account called "Accidentally left-wing" (@accidental_left) – that was only established in July 2020 – has amassed over 525,000 followers and millions of likes for sharing right-wingers trying to make a point about how ludicrous they think left-wing ideology is… but in the process, accidentally suggesting left-wing arguments.

The formula is simple: Let’s take healthcare as an example.

A right-wing pundit might rail against the idea of universal healthcare but at the same time, warn that it’s a slippery slope to things like the right to a job, the right to food or the right to housing.

Or all three, like this tweet from former Republican candidate for president, Joe Walsh:

You see, Walsh doesn’t believe in healthcare or college education as a right. He believes that “if you want them, you have to earn it yourself”.

Unfortunately for him, his tweet above is exactly what left-wingers want.

So without further ado, here are even more brilliant examples:

1. Nationalism

2. Systemic oppression

3. LGBTQ+ rights

4. Education

5. Police brutality

6. Food poverty

7. Anti-Nazis

8. Feminism

9. Housing

10. Trans rights

11. Slavery

12. Demilitarisation

13. Healthcare

14. Racism

15. Private education

16. Environmentalism

17. Student debt

18. Abortion rights

19. Anti-capitalism

20. Sex education

21. Healthcare, again

22. And this utopia

indy100 reached out to @accidental_left, to try and find out more about the invaluable work they do. We'll update you if they come back to us.