Production company makes 'bespoke' acorns and they are utterly adorable

Advertising is all about making a product look the very best it can be, which means that every detail must be considered.

However, one production company appears to have taken the idea to the extreme, when they supplied an advertising firm with a case of six plastic acorns in a pristine presentation case.

A picture of the “bespoke” acorns were shared on Twitter, where people can’t get over how cute yet useless they are.

“When my dad worked in advertising his firm hired a fancy NYC production company and when they asked what props he needed for a shoot he said ‘some acorns’ and this is what they brought him a week later,” the poster wrote on Twitter.

They then added: “This elaborate prop acorn case is the single funniest object in the world, to me,” before concluding the story: “For clarity they just needed a handful of real acorns.”

The post has been liked more than 29,000 times and prompted a range of reactions from confusion to sheer happiness.

“The finest acorns in the land,” one person wrote.

Another asked: “Who wouldn’t want a set of hand-curated bespoke acorns?”

“This would be one of my most prized possessions,” someone else admitted.

Unfortunately, despite the numerous enquiries, the acorns are not made of chocolate.

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