Olympic medalist has 'nothing to say to Mike Pence' over gay conversion therapy row

Olympic medalist has 'nothing to say to Mike Pence' over gay conversion therapy row

Figure skater Adam Rippon, who hit out at the US Vice President during this year’s Winter Olympics, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said he has nothing to say to man “who thinks that gay people might be this societal collapse".

In his first interview since returning from the Games in South Korea, the medallist explained why he denied a phone call with Mike Pence. Speaking to Ellen, he said:

If I had the chance a call with him now, I have nothing to say to Mike Pence.

That’s not a conversation for me.

Going to the Olympics, it’s given me a really great platform to give a voice to people who feel like they don’t have one.

The 29-year-old added that if the call were to happen, he wouldn't take it to honour the people who have been affected by changes in legislation that Pence has pushed.

Adam, who had a goldfish named Princess Diana when he was young, said he thinks its important young people have LGBT+ role models they can look up to, which is why he is working charity GLAAD to promote young activists.

He had earlier hit out Pence's representation of the American cohort at the Olympics because of his alleged support of gay conversion therapy.

The Vice President allegedly supported funding bodies and institutions that provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behaviour as part of his 2000 Senate campaign, according to reports.

Although a representative from Pence's office denied his support.

Later in his appearance on Ellen, Adam went on to reveal he has a celebrity crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. He also said that at one point he had a crush on Harry Styles but he was “sleeping on” Shawn Mendes. The Olympian then clarified he meant he didn’t realise “how cute he was” – so now Shawn has taken over from Harry.

He said:

I know Harry will be upset.

But, I know love is a funny thing.

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