Adele fans get ‘chills’ after spotting subtle references to past hits in ‘Easy on Me’ video

Adele fans get ‘chills’ after spotting subtle references to past hits in ‘Easy on Me’ video

Adele fans are freaking out after spotting subtle parallels to past music videos in ‘Easy On Me’. The song is Adele’s first solo release in five years and is the lead single off of her highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30.

The singer confirmed in a now-viral Instagram live stream last week that the new album will focus on her painful divorce from charity CEO Simon Konecki. ‘Easy On Me’ is a melodic and emotional ballad, and fans were left “sobbing” after watching the music video - which appears to be a continuation of her past hits.

‘Easy On Me’ opens with the singer moving out of an empty house that looks suspiciously like the one she moved into in the music video for her 2015 smash hit, ‘Hello’.

Another scene shows Adele sitting on a chair in an unfinished room, which fans were quick to point out as a callback to 2010’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

One fan proposed that the reference goes as far back to the music video for her 2007 single, ‘Hometown Glory’.

The video ends with the singer looking over her shoulder in a scene similar to that of 2008’s ‘Chasing Pavements’.

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The common theory among fans is that Adele built a house in ‘Rolling in the Deep’, moved into the house in ‘Hello’, and is finally leaving in ‘Easy on Me’. This marks both the end of an era and the start of a new chapter for the singer as she enters her 30th year on the tail-end of heartbreak.

The music video hit 6 million views in just four hours after its debut, making it her fastest video to do so. As of today, the video currently sits at 23 million. 30, now available for pre-order, drops November 19th.

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