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A female journalist has shared the terrible reason she's stopped running alone on Twitter, and it makes for depressing reading.

Alanna Vagianos is a Huffington Post women's reporter, who covers gender issues, feminism and social justice, and on August 24, she took to social media platform Twitter to share the reason she no longer runs alone.

In a string of tweets, she said that she'd decided to share her story in light of the horrific murder of young female jogger Mollie Tibbets.

Tibbets was a 20-year-old Iowa University student who went missing after an evening jog on the evening of July 18, sparking an extensive month-long search in the region.

Her mutilated body was found on August 22, in a cornfield, hidden under cornstalks. 24-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant Cristhian Bahena Rivera was arrested in relation to her murder, after he confessed to following her on her run.

In a moving thread of tweets, the journalist shared why she no longer runs alone.

Other women were supportive, and also shared their stories.

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