The UN says women and children are being slaughtered in Aleppo. The Morning Star called it a 'liberation'


In the past 24 hours the battle for the Syrian city of Aleppo has reportedly ended.

Rebel fighters are said to be withdrawing from opposition held districts in the east of the city but the situation is no where near resolved.

The White Helmets civil defence and rescue service along with a number of other aid workers have appealed for the safe passage of civilians away from the last of the fighting.

While the International Committee of the Red Cross have said people had "literally nowhere safe to run".

These cold hard facts seem to have been missed by this paper however.

While reporting on the death, danger and horrific conditions the Syrian people and aid workers are still facing, left wing tabloid paper the Morning Star titled their story:

Final liberation of Aleppo is in sight.

We'd just like to remind you that this is the city where residents are sending out messages saying they are unable to take shelter from bombardments.

This is the same '"liberation" that spurred UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to voice alarm "over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians".

The Morning Star headline immediately sent ripples of outrage through social media, with many Labour MP's wholeheartedly condemning the left wing paper.

Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, described the cover as an "absolute disgrace".

While Stephen Doughty MP called it "vile and disgusting".

John Woodcock, Labour Co-op MP for Barrow and Furness, reminded his followers that the Morning Star had sponsored the Momentum conference, adding:

They sponsored the Momentum conference. If you associate with this traitorous scum after this front page you've no place in our politics. Some things bigger than playing nice in a lovely party. I will never bow to twisted scum who think mass slaughter in Aleppo is 'liberation'. These are your people, Seumus. Did you ask for this sickening front page calling Russian slaughter 'liberation'?

While the Guardian's political reporter Jessica Elgot tweeted:

indy100 contacted the Morning Star to comment on the backlash to their healine, their editor Ben Chacko told us:

As has been well documented by the Morning Star and other newspapers, the Syrian opposition is dominated by violent extremist sects, most notably Isis and al-Qaida affiliates.

In East Aleppo these include Nour el-Din el-Zinki, which beheaded a 12-year-old boy earlier this year and posted a video of it online - as reported at the time in many British papers including the Daily Mail.

There are no journalists in East Aleppo for the simple reason that Syrian opposition organisations cannot be trusted not to kidnap or behead reporters. As a result, many newspapers are taking at face value statements from the very groups they cannot trust with the lives of their journalists.

These groups have also been responsible for using civilians as human shields and have gunned down residents who try to flee, as has been documented by some of the Independent's own writers including Robert Fisk and Patrick Cockburn.

The capture of the eastern part of the city by government forces is preferable to its continued occupation by Islamist terrorists and is a step towards ending this terrible war, an ongoing outrage which is claiming thousands of innocent lives.

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