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It seems that Trump’s decision to bomb Syria has turned even his supporters against him.

Last night, notorious Trump supporter, radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones took to his InfoWars channel to blast the world leader, calling him a “fraud” and expressing frustrations that the President is “crapping all over us”.

In the emotional broadcast, Jones veers between teary-eyed lamentations that the President “was doing so good, but now he’s bad”, and intense anger.

At one point, he rounds off an expletive-laden rant with the words:

Fuck Trump, and fuck these fucking people.

It's perhaps surprising that even the President’s staunchest supporters disagree with his decision to launch the airstrikes, justified as a punishment for Syria’s reported use of chemical weapons. Just hours after the attack, Trump took to Twitter and triumphantly exclaimed his mission had been accomplished, a statement which can easily be contested; as The Chicago Tribunepoints out, chemical weapons still remain in Syria.

Infowars’ editor-at-large Paul Watson shared the sentiment that Trump’s airstrikes were ill-advised. He highlighted parallels between Trump and President George W. Bush, who similarly created a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner back in 2003 just weeks after the United States army invaded Iraq.

Soon after this claim, Watson underlined, a brutal, bloody insurgency was organised, consequently causing 97% of US deaths in Iraq. He also quoted a tweet which showed a video of Damascus residents dancing in the streets after the strikes, describing them as a “pointless attack”.

This right-wing backlash highlights the escalating fears that these strikes will be met with a brutal response, with some proclaiming that World War III is on the horizon. Others have described Trump's promise to stay out of Syria as their primary reason for supporting him, demonstrating fragmentation in his support base.

Some have even tried to use this new anti-Trump sentiment as indisputable proof that his supporters can’t be racist, as they oppose the attack of a Muslim country.

This is easy to dispute. Jones, Watson and other former supporters all cite tactical reasons, as well as a fear of US lives being lost in retaliatory attacks, as justification for their opposition, rather than any concern for actual Syrian residents.

Despite being quick to respond to these attacks with military force, Trump’s apparent concern for Syrian victims hasn’t influenced his immigration policies.

In the last 5 months, the United States has admitted just eleven Syrian refugees.

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