Alex Jones now has a conspiracy about the QAnon conspiracy

Alex Jones claims women 'throw themselves' at him in restaurants

Alex Jones now has a conspiracy about the QAnon conspiracy – proving that there’s nothing he won’t start a theory about.

If you’re not across Jones’s current situation, the InfoWars host is currently taking part in bankruptcy hearings after he was ordered to pay $1.5bn in damages to relatives of the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting after he insisted the December 2012 massacre, in which 26 people were murdered, was all a “hoax”.

A Texas court recently revealed that Jones continues to spend almost $100,000 a month and has $10m in assets, despite filing for bankruptcy in December.

Now, Jones has spoken about QAnon, and alleged that “Q”, an anonymous internet figure claiming to be a highly placed military-political insider, was actually created by US Intelligence to discredit conspiracy theorists like himself.

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The QAnon conspiracy theory is based on false allegations that Donald Trump, as president, was undermined by a secret cabal of Democrats and other global figures who are also paedophiles and Satan worshippers.

A clip from InfoWars posted on Twitter by criminal defence attorney in Sarasota, Ron Filipkowski, shows Jones claiming that the theory was created to “cartoonize” people like him, while also claiming that he knows “Q”.

“They created a fake thing that was cartoonized to make all of us that were serious look stupid,” he said.

“I know who started the Q thing, but I’ve not said who because they asked me not to…”

Jones has been banned from Twitter since September 2018, and he recently accused the Department of Justice of trying to take away his beloved cat.

He also recently claimed he can't go out anywhere "in peace" - and regularly has women 'throw' themselves at him in restaurants.

“My food gets bought almost every time, I get mobbed all around the table", he bragged on InfoWars.

"I’m signing autographs for the waiters, I get followed to the parking lot, women are throwing themselves at me.”

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