Rising superstar of the left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not suffer fools lightly.

If you're going to criticise her it's good to make sure your argument is completely watertight because if it isn't - she will take you down.

It's fair to say Republicans seem pretty scared of their young political nemesis. How else would you explain all the bizarre conspiracy theories, like the one claiming she is a witch sent to cast spells on the Trump family?

This time AOC has hit back at a New York City billboard which criticised her for opposing Amazon’s plans to open a new headquarters in Queens, New York.

The digital billboard which appeared in Times Square earlier this week was the creation of a a conservative group called the Job Creators Network and blames AOC for the loss of NYC jobs and wages.

But, as we all know by now, the young congresswoman is not one let unfair criticism go unchallenged.

She took to Twitter, her favourite place, to call out the organisation.

Hilariously, she then chose to invoke a scene from The Office in her takedown.

AOC’s supporters largely stood by their girl on Twitter, sending her messages of support.

Though, as ever, some weren't so keen.

H/T: Time

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