Now Amazon is trolling the whole world by opening 300 real life bookstores

Now Amazon is trolling the whole world by opening 300 real life bookstores

Online retailing giant Amazon plans to open 300 physical bookshops in what could possibly be the world's most irritating troll.

In November 2015 the e-tailer flung open the doors to its first bricks-and-all shop in University Village, Seattle.

The selection of books are based on reviews and sales data from, and prices are exactly the same as online.

At the time Richard Mollet, chief executive of the Publishers Association, said the initiative proved people still crave the look and feel of a book made from paper.

This is a vote of confidence in the physical book and the physical book store.

Book stores have been imperilled in recent years, but even Amazon has seen the benefit of a physical browsing experience.

According to reports, Amazon will open between 300 and 400 stores, but the plans have yet to be confirmed.

The company, which launched 20 years ago as an online bookstore, has been accused by leading authors of abusing "its dominance in the world of books".

But now, after supposedly "impoverishing the book industry", the company will supposedly be venturing into a world so many others have left in recent years - including America's last major book chain Barnes & Noble - which had to close a large store in the very same mall where Amazon opened the Seattle branch.

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