Amazon launches campaign to show how Alexa can support those with ADHD

Amazon launches campaign to show how Alexa can support those with ADHD
Sam Thompson using an Echo device to support living with ADHD (Amazon)

Amazon has launched a campaign to highlight features within its Alexa virtual assistant which can help people living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

An online guide has been published as part of a collaboration with the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, and Alexa users can also ask “Alexa, I have ADHD, can you help me get organised?” to receive a list of suggested features to support them.

The guide advises users how they use the smart assistant to create lists, reminders, calendar markers, set focus time and other organisational tasks to help them in their daily lives, and has been launched to mark Neurodiversity Celebration Week.

Amazon’s AI-powered virtual assistant is housed within the firm’s smart speakers and home hub devices, as well as in the dedicated Alexa app on mobile devices.

To launch the campaign, Amazon has created a short film starring TV personality and reality star Sam Thompson, who has spoken about his own ADHD, and depicts the every-day challenge of leaving the house, informed by his own experience, and how Alexa can now be used to help.

Dr Tony Lloyd, chief executive of the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to work with Amazon Alexa and Sam Thompson to support the one in 20 people who live with ADHD.

“Support from Alexa in the morning will enable those with ADHD to start their day on a positive note, leaving them with greater energy and focus for the rest of the day so they can go out and let their talent shine.”

Thompson, a former Made In Chelsea star, said: “My ADHD can make it difficult for me to leave the house as I can get easily distracted and overwhelmed with my thoughts running a million miles an hour.

“Setting up an Alexa routine has been transformative for my morning routine and I think so many others with ADHD would benefit from using this guide.”

Meryem Tom, Amazon Alexa UK managing director, said: “We’re thrilled to learn individuals with neurodiversity find daily support with Alexa.

“By collaborating with Sam and the ADHD Foundation to produce this guide and film, we hope to empower those with ADHD to try out different Alexa features and set up a personalised routine to support them in their everyday.”

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