That feeling when your mum is Amber Rudd and she tweets to lecture you about unplanned pregnancies

OK so we're not here to shame anyone for a complex parental relationships, we've all been there. But having it out on Twitter with your mum when you have a combined following of 127,000 followers is... another level.

Aside from Jeremy Clarkson and his daughter Emily, there is no Tory-boomer-parent/woke-millennial-kid double act we enjoy more than Amber Rudd and Flora Gill.

Last year, Rudd's amazing reply to Flora after she tweeted about a bizarre DM she'd received from a guy she'd once hooked up with went viral and with good reason.

This time around, it's even more bizarre. First, Flora tweeted what appeared to be an innocuous fleeting thought about pregnancy tests.

Inexplicably, her mum decided to get involved, replying:

It's errr... unclear what she meant by this?! Is she saying her daughter was unplanned and ruined her life? Is she suggesting that everyone who has an unplanned pregnancy ends up with their lives ruined? (Spoiler: they don't.) Is it just one big lol?

Flora did have a pretty good response:

Looks like being the daughter of the person everyone blamed for the deplorable treatment of the Windrush Generation gives you a pretty thick skin. Fair play.

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