Of all the things in the world Amber Rudd is tweeting about Hastings Pier and the reactions are hilarious

Picture: PA
Picture: PA

Between Brexit turning into absolute chaos and Trump's twitter meltdowns, it's safe to say that, as far as politics go, this week has been an absolute doozy.

If you're from the UK your newsfeeds will have largely been filled with Brexit divisions and politicians not really managing to do their jobs or come to any real decisions about anything.It has been both incredibly bleak and at times downright hilarious at the same time.

So it brings us great joy to see that some MPs are managing to find the time to focus on the truly important stuff. You know, stuff that isn't Brexit and making sure that the country doesn't find itself locked into a constitutional crisis for the next few years.

We are of course talking about the people's right to walk along nice, well maintained piers in the middle of March. A month marred by actual biblical storms.

If you're a fan of piers, and when we say that we specifically mean the one in Hastings, fear not! MP for Hastings Amber Rudd has your back. You will not be 'Pier-less' (technically you will be because it's currently closed).

Tweeting to her 85k Twitter followers, Rudd, has just posted an open letter to keep everyone updated on Hastings' hottest Instagram spot... Hasting's Pier, which sadly has been closed for quite sometime and will likely remain closed until long after Brexit. A true travesty.

Amber was "Incredibly disappointed" as is everybody, we imagine

Naturally, the replies very quickly moved the topic back to Brexit

Long live Britain and our ability to prioritise the biggest issues first.

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