Police work in the area of Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tennessee after a reported shooting
Police work in the area of Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tennessee after a reported shooting

The scale of America’s gun problem has been perfectly summed up by a local news anchor’s confusion about what shooting she was covering.

In a clip shared on Twitter, an anchor stumbles over her words and mistakes live police footage for taped footage of a separate incident.

In the video, which is marked up as being from rom WVLT8, she says: “I forgot about the other shooting... so this is actually live, this is not our taped footage from Austin-East High School earlier.

“The Knox County Sheriff’s Office has got their helicopter back in the air, because again, we do have that other shooting investigation now underway about a mile away from the high school.”

One of the incidents she is referring to took place in Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. A male student was fatally shot by a police officer after the student opened fire and injured another police officer, after he was found armed in the school bathroom.

The school’s superintendant posted tweets from the scene:

Meanwhile, later that night, police were called to the scene of a shooting near a church in the same area. Upon arrival, they found all parties involved had left the scene and investigations are underway to ascertain what happened.

Responding to the tragic coincidence, a journalist commented:

It comes after Republican governor Bill Lee signed legislation last week that will allow Tennessee citizens over the age of 21 carry handguns without background checks or training.

The law will take effect from July and other states in America are considering making similar legislation.

Meanwhile, according to Insider, there have been over 130 shootings in the country this year thus far, and for two incidents to occur in the same city on the same night was a sign that the situation had escalated beyond acceptance, for some commenting on social media.

One Twitter user said:

While another added:


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