Airline mistakes 101-year-old woman for a baby

Airline mistakes 101-year-old woman for a baby

A 101-year-old woman has been mistaken for a baby several times by airlines due to an error with the booking system.

Patricia confused American Airlines when she submitted her 1922 birth year, as they assumed she was born in 2022.

"It was funny that they thought I was only a little child and I’m an old lady," she told the BBC, who witnessed one of the blunders firsthand.

"My daughter made the reservation online for the ticket and the computer at the airport thought my birth date was 2022 and not 1922," she added.

This isn't the first time the hilarious blunder happened, with claims "the same thing happened last year."

It appears as though the airline's booking system is unable to process a birth date past 100 years old.

While Patricia called the flight attendants "helpful," she would like the problem to be fixed to make it an easier experience for her daughter.

On one occasion, Patricia and her daughter were waiting for a wheelchair as staff had failed to arrange mobility assistance for her travels.

"I would like them to fix the computer as my poor daughter had to carry all our luggage and apparel almost a mile from one gate to the other," Patricia said.

The centenarian had been travelling solo up until the age of 97 when she started experiencing sight issues.

"I have some trouble with my eyesight now so I wouldn’t want to do it on my own," she told the publication.

That said, Patricia is not put off by the mixup. Instead, she is counting down the days until her autumn travels.

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