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This week Donald Trump secured his path to become the Republican nominee in the November presidential elections after beating Ted Cruz in the Indiana primary. Cruz dropped out of the race following a heavy defeat, and John Kasich followed suit.

Billionaire Trump, who recently said that he'd date his own daughter were she not his relation, now stands a real chance of becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Trump would succeed Barack Obama, who he once supposed had not been born in the US and has a fraudulent birth certificate.

As a result of this recent - and significant - step in Trump's tenacious rise to apparent credibility, some Americans are sharing a letter that asks Her Majesty the Queen to reclaim a territory once controlled by Great Britain.

The missive first arrived on the scene last year - it asks Queen Elizabeth II to take back control of the US due to the unsavoury candidates on both sides of the American political spectrum. (It's likely - despite Bernie Sanders triumphing in Indiana - that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee in the coming election.)

On behalf of the American people, I urgently implore you to take us back.

It seems the writer had become "frustrated with the current field of presidential candidates (particularly on the GOP side)”. Disenfranchised. Sad!

For further reasons as to why this is such a necessary, albeit drastic, step, I refer to tonight’s Republican Party Primary debate. Thank you. God save The Queen.

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