Americans on Twitter (and Louise Mensch) have a message for Isis

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Saturday 09 August 2014 11:50

As America launched air strikes against Islamic State (also known as Isis) militants in Iraq last night, its supporters and enemies engaged in a far smaller scale conflict - on social media.

Several pro-Isis messages, featuring content ranging from pictures of American flags on fire and the coffins of American troops through to gruesome images of beheadings, were left under the hashtag #amessagefromISIStoUS. You could also find ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch there, attempting to "reach out" to Jihadists.

Even in Arabic.

On the opposing hashtag, #amessagefromUStoISIS things got pretty gung-ho.



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*Note: we are not linking to hashtags or tweets because they contain graphic content.