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Comedian Amy Poehler has been making waves after her answers to interview questions went viral.

Poehler was named one of the Hollywood Reporter's most powerful people in comedy. As part of their profile on her, they asked Poehler to take part in a short interview. But given all the unimaginable events going on in the world right now, she did not want to play along.

Instead of answering the questions in the conventional way, Poehler chose to highlight some of the real issues currently facing the world.

Among her answers, she chose to bring attention to plastic bags polluting the ocean, the thousands of deaths caused by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and children being shot in US schools.

Twitter users reacted strongly to Poehler’s interview, commending her for bringing attention to such important topics.

Poehler isn’t the only comedian to use her platform to draw attention to injustice.

Michelle Wolf ended her infamous White House correspondent’s dinner set by shouting “Flint still doesn’t have clean water!” This referenced the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, which has deprived poor communities of safe water for years.

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