An advert for Burger King has become an unlikely symbol of defiance after Brussels

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Tuesday 22 March 2016 17:40

Following the terror attacks which struck Brussels on Tuesday, people have been taking to social media to show whatever support they can for the victims and residents of the city.

Among the showings of support were posts featuring the Belgian flag, poignant cartoons, the defiant little Mannekin Pis statue and "machine gun" sandwiches.

But among the more unusual tributes was this poster of French fries - or, more properly, Belgian fries, depending on your loyalties.

It has been shared on Twitter

And Instagram


It originally comes from a Burger King advert in New Zealand

As Mashable points out, the ad was created by the Y&R Auckland agency for the Dairy Flat branch of the fast food restaurant.

Dairy Flat is said to be the last stop before a $2 toll booth on the highway - customers were given $2 off their bill if they spent $10 or more on a meal and were encouraged to show the ad when they got to the toll booth as their own small act of defiance.

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