Former Conservative MP says party is playing ‘Trumpian’ politics and has ‘lost its moral compass’ in epic rant

A former Conservative MP has blasted the party for using “Trumpian” politics and losing its “moral compass”.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight, Anna Soubry – who left the party to form Change UK before losing her seat in the 2019 election – slammed the Tories over the stance that some party members have made about those who take the knee, as well as for implementing a “less cautious” mask policy.

She said:

“There’s been a huge change in the Conservative party. It marches now, to a very different drum beat than it did under either Theresa May or David Cameron, or indeed any other Prime Minister.

“It’s now the Brexit party, effectively, but with this populist, Trumpian-type style.

“The Conservative party has lost its moral compass.”

Her comments come amid a debate about whether the party have had a role in facilitating racism. Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have both faced accusations that their ambiguous comments about taking the knee empowered people to racially abuse footballers following the England team’s defeat in the Euro 2020 final. They have denied these claims.

Meanwhile, on 19 July, coronavirus restrictions will ease once again. The legal requirement to wear a face covering in shops, public transport and other enclosed public spaces will end and will be replaced with government guidance and recommendations. Labour has called the policy “irresponsible” and shops like Waterstones have said they will keep the requirement, as has Sadiq Khan who has said masks will continue to be a legal requirement on London transport.

Soubry criticised the party on both of these counts and added that “failures of leadership” came down to Johnson, who she described as a “charlatan”.

That’s her off the Prime Minister’s Christmas card list, then.

Indy100 has contacted Number 10 for comment on this story.

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