Euro 2020: After England lost the final to Italy last night will we still get an extra bank holiday?

Last night was a tense night for many. As a nation, we clenched our jaws as a close penalty shootout deemed Italy the winner of Euro 2020 and England’s hopes of bringing “it” home were dashed.

From jubilant chants to sad trudges home, the mood plummeted, though we are all still proud of the team for making it so far.

As the dust settles, the streets of England are cleaned up, and people attempt to do their jobs with hangovers and little sleep (not us of course...), we pose the question: what’s the deal with another potential bank holiday?

So far, England fans have overseen a powerful and noble campaign to stay in bed.

When England beat Denmark in the semi-finals to make it to the finals itself, many people rightly predicted they wouldn’t be feeling that sharp today and a petition for work to be cancelled as a sort of national hangover bank holiday garnered a whopping 364,000 signatures as well as a huge amount of chatter on social media.

Meanwhile, Politico reported that the prospect of a national day of celebration was circulating around Whitehall late last Wednesday, with authorities trying to figure out the feasibility of organising an off the cuff day off.

But Johnson said doing so would be “tempting fate” and - well look, we are working today aren’t we? It didn’t happen!

The nation still has hope. Now, England fans have called for a bank holiday to ‘mourn’ after losing the Euro 2020 final last night to Italy.

The Times reports that Johnson is expected to make a final decision on whether to give the go-ahead for a four-day August bank holiday weekend by tacking an extra day onto the existing August 28-30 break. They said that sources played down suggestions that the extra bank holiday would be scheduled for next Monday to coincide with “freedom day” from coronavirus restrictions.

Health Minister Edward Argar refused to rule out the prospect this morning, telling journalists: “You tempt me but I think decisions on things like that are for my boss the Prime Minister.”

Meanwhile, some are against it as the economy is in a pretty shabby state because of a little-known coronavirus pandemic and others think it would be distasteful given there wasn’t a bank holiday to mark the passing of Prince Philip.

We’ll wait and see what Johnson has to say.

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