'Anonymous' supporters everywhere are taking part in the anti-establishment Million Mask March

To mark Guy Fawkes' Day, anarchic hacking collective Anonymous has organised a 'Million Mask March' in cities around the world.

The day of action aims to be one of the largest global protests ever, with events to protest government surveillance, austerity policies, and corruption planned in 670 cities.

Starting in Melbourne and Sydney, the infamous Guy Fawkes masks from film and graphic novel V for Vendetta, adopted by Anonymous, were out in force:

Melbourne Million Mask March #MMM

Posted by The StreetWise Show on 5 ноября 2015 г.

As other time zones started to wake up, more and more people started sharing pictures from the Million Mask March from all over the world, including New Zealand:






Buenos Aires...

and Washington DC.

In the UK protesters are expected in central London from around 6pm.

Fearing violence, Scotland Yard has imposed rigorous restrictions on the planned march route, and the Anonymous organisers have warned marchers "the police are not your friends".

Some marchers are already reporting on social media that people wearing Guy Fawkes masks are being stopped and searched.

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