Another man jumps White House fence, kicks attack dog in face

A secret service officer with a K-9 police dog
A secret service officer with a K-9 police dog

The White House was put into a state of lockdown last night after yet another intruder breached the perimeter fence before being arrested by secret service officers.

Dominic Adesanya made it 20 yards towards the president's home and managed to land a kick on a K-9 defence dog, a group of which had been introduced following a similar incident last month.

A video of the event showed security staff confronting the 23-year-old at around 7.15pm local time (12.15am UK time) before taking him down and away to custody after he wrestled with another one of the dogs.

NBC reported that Adesanya was repeatedly told to "stop moving" to which he replied "I'm not, I'm not". He was said to be in hospital last night being treated for unknown injuries.

President Barack Obama was reported to be at home at the time, and the building was put into a state of "lockdown" until around 9pm.

On 19 September, a 42-year-old, Omar Gonzalez, managed to make it into the White House building itself while armed with a knife.

That incident saw heightened scrutiny of the secret service and led to the resignation of its chief, Julia Pierson, and the introduction of extra security measures.

As Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton seemed at pains to point out to NBC:

As the adage goes, 'Who let the dogs out?' This time, the secret service let the dogs out.

Had the dogs been out [last month], Gonzalez would never have gotten into the White House.

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