Anti-masker faces up to six months in Singapore prison after riding train without face covering

<p>One anti-masker is facing the consequences of not following the rules</p>

One anti-masker is facing the consequences of not following the rules

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A British anti-masker apparently faces up to six months prison in Singapore, after he was caught riding on a train without a face covering.

Benjamin Glynn, 39, from Helmsley, North Yorkshire was secretly caught on film by a fellow passenger travelling on a train un-masked, which was shared to social media.

He was arrested on the evening of May 8, when police knocked on his door as his family were sleeping.

Glynn told The Yorkshire Post: “I had no idea anyone had even been filming, but it turned out a video of me unmasked on the late train home from work surfaced online.

“The police obviously saw it and the next day they were at the door.

“I don’t believe there is any evidence that masks protect you from Covid-19. Normally I would just tell people I’m exempt and it had never posed any issues before.”

In Singapore, it is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask outside their homes.

The dad-of-two spent 28 hours in jail before being granted bail. But Glynn has since been charged with a public nuisance offence, after being told he was spotted un-masked on a train the day before. He now could face up to six months in prison if he is found guilty, he says.

As a result of the criminal proceedings against him, Glynn’s passport has been confiscated.

So while his family travelled back to the UK on May 31, Glynn is stuck in Singapore unable to see his partner and two children - aged five and two.

“It’s a horrible situation to be in when I don’t know when I can next see my family,” he said.

It has also cost Glynn his new job that he was meant to start on his return to UK.

Glynn describes the situation as “ridiculous” and remains unfaltering in his anti-mask beliefs.

A spokesperson for the Singapore Police said: “As information related to police investigations are confidential in nature, we are unable to comment further on the case.”

A spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said: “We are assisting a British man who is awaiting trial in Singapore, and have been in contact with the local police about his case.”

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