Anti-vax mum-of-five says she won’t vaccinate her children because they are ‘protected by Jesus’

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There’s a measles outbreak in parts of America, but there are still parents who refuse to vaccination their children.

This anti-vax mum asked how to protect her toddler from the outbreak without getting vaccinations, while this teen asked for advice about how to circumvent his anti-vax parents and get his vaccinations without their consent.

And this nurse had the perfect response for anti-vax protestors. TL;DR, if you refuse to vaccinate yourself or your children, but expect help from a doctor if you’re ill, you’re a hypocrite.

The latest person to deprive their loved ones from vaccinations is an unnamed mother-of-five.

Her reasoning? Jesus will protect them.

The mum's Facebook comment went viral for, well, obvious reasons. She wrote:

I have five children and they will never be vaccinated. They are protected by Jesus for I know faith helps you walk the righteous path. The same people that tell me to vaccinate are the same people telling me that god did not masterfully craft this planet.

Among the many responses, there was one comment that became very popular very quickly. The person wrote:

They can die like Jesus with a rusty nail.


The comment is shocking, but it also makes an important point about vaccinations: unvaccinated children can get tetanus from stepping on a rusty nail.

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