People are loving this video of AOC surprising Bernie Sanders

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has delighted the internet with a video in which she is seen surprising Bernie Sanders prior to his Iowa rally appearance.

In the Instagram story, AOC, the US congressional representative for New York's 14th district, is seen standing outside a door and addressing the camera directly:

Alight everyone, I’m gonna go find him.

She then makes her way into the room containing Sanders and says, “Here we go, hello, hello.”

A jovial Sanders is clearly pleased to see AOC and says, “What a small world, what are you doing in Iowa?” before being told she is there to rally.

Over on Twitter, the people were thrilled to see two American progressives enjoying each other’s company and merrily shared the video in their droves.

Some made light of the video.

Others were delighted to see Sanders in such a relaxed mood

Mainly, though, people were loving it.

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