AOC calls on New Yorkers to stop ordering takeaways during deadly flash floods

AOC calls on New Yorkers to stop ordering takeaways during deadly flash floods

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called on New Yorkers to stop ordering food delivery during the flooding.

New York City was hit by flash floods and torrential rain this week as the remnants of Hurricane Ida swept through the city.

Latest figures show at least 48 people have died across the country. In New York, 15 people are known to have died as a result of storm Ida.

For the first time in New York City’s history, a flash flood emergency was declared as subway stations looked like waterfalls with water pouring in. Across the city, roads and houses were also flooded.

A clip posted on Twitter by @UnequalScenes has gone viral after it appeared to show a food delivery driver wading through thigh-deep floodwater to bring someone their order.

The caption read: “And through it all! @Grubhub delivery still out there bringing your dinner #ida #flooding #brooklyn.”

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Other Twitter users condemned the customer who ordered food delivery during the floods, essentially forcing a worker out into dangerous conditions.

Someone wrote: “You’re going to the projects of hell if you order delivery tonight, why would you put someone through that.”

Another criticised the food delivery service for taking the order, writing: “Shame on the person who made the order, and bigger shame on grubhub for accepting the order. The poor delivery person doesn’t deserve this.”

AOC, U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district, shared the clip on her Twitter feed encouraging people not to order takeaway in such conditions.

She wrote: “Please do not be the person who orders delivery during a flash flood that the NWS has deemed a dangerous and life-threatening situation. It puts vulnerable people at risk.

“If it’s too dangerous for you, it’s too dangerous for them. Raid your cabinets or ask a neighbor for help.”

Food delivery platform Grubhub told indy100 it is working to determine if the person in the clip was one of their delivery drivers.

A Grubhub spokesperson said: “The safety of delivery workers is a top priority. While we always appreciate the hard work drivers put in to get the job done, no delivery worker for any company or restaurant should ever take an action that would jeopardise their safety.”

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