Conservative commentator roasted after trying to mansplain an abortion law to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro tried to mansplain an abortion law to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Twitter wasn't having any of it.

The feud started when the New York congresswoman took to social media to protest a controversial new abortion law passed by Georgia state governor Brian Kemp. The bill, called the "fetal heartbeat law", bans abortions after only six weeks. But what makes it so problematic is that many women don't necessarily know they are even pregnant at six weeks.

This is exactly the point AOC tried to make when she took to Twitter calling the new law a "backdoor ban", considering it's essentially just a roundabout way of making abortion illegal in the state. She also pointed out other complications that could lead to a delay in a period and therefore not noticing you're pregnant.

Then, without anyone asking, Shapiro jumped in on the debate, saying that he found it "disturbing" that AOC thought that a six-week-old embryo is a "missed period".

Shapiro, who we're pretty sure doesn't get periods himself, didn't seem to get the point, so Twitter made sure to call him out for it.

Better to just hold your tongue next time, Shapiro.

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