<p>Apple fine print has an ominous message for customers. </p>

Apple fine print has an ominous message for customers.

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An ominous error in Apple’s fine print makes it sound like the company knows when its users will die.

On the official page for Mac’s new OS, Monterey, a section explains that the company will unveil a new Digital Legacy program allowing specified users to take over your account in the event of your death.

The section states: “Account Recovery Contacts makes resetting your password and maintaining access to your account easier than ever. And a new Digital Legacy program lets you designate people as Legacy Contacts so they can access your account in the event of your death.*”

An asterisk at the bottom of the page reads: “Coming later this year”.

The error has been pointed out by Twitter users, some who are calling it a creepy copywriting error.

The error has prompted many humorous responses.

One user quipped that the error reminded them of a supposed Google policy.

While the new feature will be helpful for those who can’t get into their loved ones phones in the even of their untimely passing, Apple has yet remedy the strange wording on their website.

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