Are you an extremist? Take the quiz

Are you an extremist? Take the quiz

Approximately 4,000 people have been placed in the government's anti-extremism programme, half of whom are under the age of 18.

It was even revealed this week that as part of the government's wider 'Prevent Strategy', a three-year-old child has been enrolled in the anti-extremism 'Channel' process which can include measures such as the confiscation of passports.

In light of this, using guidance from various government literature - some of which has been handed to schools to monitor vulnerability to radicalisation among children - we have devised this quiz to help you find out if you might be an extremist-in-waiting:

While the government acknowledges that “there is no single profile of a person likely to become involved in extremism”, all of the above factors have been cited as signs people may be on the path to radicalisation.

The government's guidelines on combating extremism are nuanced and lengthy, however, there is still enough ambiguity, as our rather tongue-in-cheek quiz demonstrates, that seemingly innocent actions can you see you implicated as a terror suspect.

While we acknowledge the need to combat extremism and defend everyone who lives in Britain from terrorism, perhaps there's a better way to do it than placing toddlers under surveillance.

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