Brexiteers are furious that this police chief will not apologise for hilariously comparing them to turkeys
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A police and crime commissioner refused to apologise for comparing Brexiteers to “turkeys voting for Christmas”.

Arfon Jones, who spent almost a decade as a Plaid Cymru councillor, made the comment in July in response to a Labour MP’s criticism of Brexit. 

He claimed that, as well as travelling abroad becoming more complicated, jobs and the economy will take a hit once the UK is fully disentangled from the EU.

The Brexit transition period, which began in January, ends on 31 December. The UK government still hasn’t successfully negotiated an exit deal with the EU, despite Boris Johnson promising he had one “oven ready” during last year’s general election.

According to local media, Jones was ordered to apologise for his remarks by Wales’s police and crime panel, in part because they didn’t treat others with “dignity and respect”.  A complaint in which he was accused of “name calling” was upheld. 

Others also reacted furiously to his comments, claiming he is “not fit for public office” and failing to “respect the oath you’ve taken” as police commissioner. 

But Jones refused to apologise, instead retweeting comments from people who agreed with him.

Stephen Hughes, chief executive of the commissioner's office, reportedly defended Jones during the complaints procedure.

He told the panel that “the use of a phrase to describe behaviours cannot possibly be a conduct issue”. Regardless, Jones was ordered to apologise.

If he faces further disciplinary measures for refusing, we’ll keep you updated.

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